President Donald Trump kicked off his Tuesday morning by inquiring with reporters if they ever heard of this “coronavirus thing,” before segueing into his wild weekend, which involved said virus.

“You guys ever heard of coronavirus?” Trump asked. “Let me tell you, it’s no fun. No fun. I luckily have a terrific immune system so it was no problem there, but it’s a tough one – coronavirus. It has all the symptoms. The cough. The sore throat. Headache. All the symptoms. And then you get the symptoms and you ask yourself is this allergies, is this a cold, is this what? What is this? And you don’t know. Thankfully we have tremendous doctors here who ran the tests and got it taken care of and I was in and out, remarkably fast. No one has ever seen it that fast. For any disease, really. But this one, it’s called the coronavirus. Watch out for it people, it might spread.”

Reporters told the president they were indeed aware.