In a stunning finale to Paw Patrol, the cartoon canines were seen taking over Seattle’s Autonomous Zone in a violent coup – a move questionable to be shown to child audiences.

“We honestly thought the movement to cancel Paw Patrol was over the top,” said local mom Emily Archer. “When we saw the finale, we realized maybe they were right. Quentin Tarantino could not imagine such violence.” 

The episode showed police dog Chase confiscating weapons from the previous regime and using them against their previous owners and setting fire to their tents while fire dog Marshall stood by doing nothing. Mayors Goodway and Humdinger are suspiciously absent from the episode as chaos reigns. In the end, human child Ryder is installed as the new “Pack Leader” of the autonomous zone.

 As Paw Patrol is a Canadian show, it is unclear if this is to be taken as a declaration of war from our neighbors to the north. Velvet Hamster will update as he have more information