The crowd-sourced review company Yelp announced Monday a new feature that will let users torch restaurants they don’t like to the ground in a simple click of a button.

After clicking a fire emoji in the app instead of rating based on stars, Yelp will send a team of employees to burn a restaurants to the ground within minutes. The company called it a “firm stance against whatever it is you don’t like.”

“We’ve seen in the last few months that there is a clear need to warn consumers about businesses they might not like so they can make more informed spending decisions,” the company said in a statement. “With this new feature, instead of spending money at a place you might not enjoy or potentially think is just ‘eh,’ we can burn that motherfucker promptly to the ground.”

“We take whatever it is you don’t like seriously as a bad thing.”

In extreme circumstances, the company will also let users burn down the house of the restaurant owner.