President-elect Joe Biden unveiled his 12-step plan for the uh, that, ya know, the thing Monday, one of his top priorities to begin his administration.

Biden has been highly critical of the Trump Administration’s handling of the uh, that, ya know, the thing over the last four years, and he’s committed to fix that thing, ya know, quickly.

“We’re gonna step in on day 1 and do the, for the, we’re gonna do it, the thing,” Biden told cheering supporters Monday. “This is what leadership is about. It’s about going in there and doing the thing. Ya know, with the, the uh. Doing the thing. We’re rolling out a 12-step plan. 12 steps. All those 12, 24 steps, those will be our first steps to making the country back to the place, the thing.”

Biden’s 12-step plan is as follows:

  1. Thinking about it
  2. Getting out there and doing the thing
  3. Doing the thing
  4. Leadership
  5. Ya know, just, that, ya know
  6. The thing

Biden’s 12-step plan will begin immediately with a task force for ya know, the thing.