President-elect Joe Biden was thrilled this morning to see his close friend Corn Pop at inauguration festivities early.

With crowds severely limited for the 2021 presidential inauguration, Biden and Kamala Harris had to be more thoughtful than ever about who they invited.In addition to family, Biden decided to invite one of his oldest and dearest friends – Corn Pop. 

“After a hard 2020, a contentious election season, and realizing Hunter is a complete and utter moron, it’s nice to have friends around on such an important day,” Biden said. “I am pound sign blessed as the kids say.”

“Corn Pop, he’s a bad dude. Corn Pop, me and him back in the day used to ruffle some feathers. They’d say ‘don’t take any wooden nickels.’ And ya know, the thing. What’s it called? Ya know, Corn Pop. Balanced breakfast.”

Corn Pop declined to comment.