Multiple outlets including the Hamster can confirm that a thread of comments on a recent news story has solved all the world’s problems and brought everyone together.

The comments left on a New York Times article detailing potentially racially-charged comments made by President Donald Trump encouraged readers to begin a constructive dialogue in the comment section, reach a conclusion about how the country can come together and find common ground.

“I think we can all agree that no matter your politics, race or religion, we are all in this together and love each other at the end of the day,” one anonymous commenter wrote to mass approval.

“Agreed!” another wrote. “Let’s figure out how we can unite and have constructive dialogue about the president and congress. I’m sure we can find common ground with politicians of all stripes. We’re all people!”

At one point, a commenter called another a “certified jackass” which led to several downvotes and many saying “there is no place for that here.”

By the end of the 3,000 comment thread, solutions had been presented on foreign policy, budgetary issues and a compromise on net neutrality. The comment thread is reportedly being forwarded to the White House to be reviewed.